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WP Rocket v3.15.9 Plugin

WP Rocket is a tool that makes your WordPress website load faster and perform better. It does this by saving copies of your posts and pages in the background so they can load quickly the next time someone views them.

Here’s how WP Rocket helps:

  1. Caching: It saves copies of your pages to reduce the time it takes for your website to process information, making it faster.
  2. Code optimization: WP Rocket makes your site’s code (CSS and JavaScript) work more efficiently.
  3. Media optimization: It delays the loading of images and videos to make your website load faster initially.
  4. Content delivery network (CDN): It connects to a CDN to speed up loading times for your website’s images and other static content.
  5. Database optimization: WP Rocket cleans up unnecessary data in your database to make it run more smoothly.
  6. Smaller optimizations: It makes small adjustments, like controlling the WordPress Heartbeat API.

What makes WP Rocket special is that it also helps with Core Web Vitals metrics, which are important for your website’s performance. Two unique features are:

  1. Remove unused CSS: You can get rid of unnecessary CSS on specific pages to make them load faster.
  2. Delay JavaScript execution: It delays the loading of JavaScript until a user interacts with your site, making the initial loading time faster. You can also choose which scripts need to load right away.

Core Features of WP Rocket Premium Plugin

  1. Compatible with CDN: Works well with Content Delivery Networks for improved performance.
  2. Easy to Configure and Setup: This simple setup process doesn’t require advanced technical skills.
  3. Optimization of Google Fonts: Enhances the efficiency of Google fonts for better website speed.
  4. Preload Cache Support: Supports preloading of cache for faster loading times.
  5. Reduce Database Size by Optimization: Optimizes and reduces the size of the database to enhance overall efficiency.
  6. Browser Caching Support: Supports caching in web browsers for quicker page loading.
  7. Allows Removal of Query Strings: Provides the option to eliminate query strings for better optimization.
  8. Achieve 90+ Google Page Speed Insights Score: Helps in achieving a high score on Google Page Speed Insights.
  9. Integration with Cloudflare: Can be integrated with Cloudflare for additional performance benefits.
  10. Different Cache for Mobile Site: Offers separate caching options for mobile sites.
  11. Improve Overall Performance of the Site: Enhances the overall speed and performance of your website.
  12. No Technical Knowledge Required: User-friendly and does not require advanced technical knowledge to use.
  13. Works with All Types of Sites: Compatible with various types of websites, regardless of their nature.
  14. Easy-to-understand Settings: Settings are straightforward to comprehend.
  15. Automatically Enables Recommended Settings on Installation: Default settings are optimized for performance and activated during installation.
  16. Lazy Images, iFrames, and Videos: Supports lazy loading for images, iFrames, and videos.
  17. Files Optimization Support: Optimizes website files for improved performance.
  18. Files Compression Support: Supports compression of files to reduce loading times.
  19. Custom Cache Lifespan: Allows customization of cache lifespan based on specific needs.
  20. Prefetch DNS Requests: Permits prefetching of DNS requests for quicker website loading.
  21. Forced Cache Refresh Option: Provides an option to forcefully refresh the cache when needed.
  22. Preloading of Pages: Supports preloading of pages for faster access.
  23. Preload URLs from Sitemaps: Allows preloading of URLs directly from Sitemaps.
  24. GZip Compression: Supports GZip compression for efficient data transfer and faster loading.

What’s New (Changelog) in Rank Math Pro v3.0.54 + Free v1.0.211

  • v3.0.54 January 17, 2024
    Bugfix: Resolved compatibility issues with the enhancement of Contact Form 7 (#6384).
  • Bugfix: Addressed a problem with the Lazy Load Background CSS Images feature when CSS is directly sourced from a PHP file (#6389).
  • Enhancement: Modified the display of Cloudflare credentials in the UI to show only the last 4 characters (#3376).
  • Enhancement: Improved the batch limit filter for the Preload feature (#6394).
  • Enhancement: Ensured removal of WP Rocket’s transients when uninstalling the plugin (#4943).
  • Enhancement: Revised renewal banners to display percentage instead of price (#6349).
  • 3rd-party compatibility: Adjusted the placement of the “All Languages” button to the top of the cache clearing list when using multilingual plugins (#6174).

Sales Page and Live Demo of Rank Math Pro Plugin

Free Download WP Rocket Latest Version

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